The skin is a complex organ that encompasses all of our most vital organs, protecting us from environmental exposure. The outer layer which is called the epidermis, is comprised of four layers, which is designed to trap all of our water in while keeping infection out. It also helps to regulate body temperature – among other vital functions. The inner layer, the dermis, is composed mainly of connective tissue that provides the strength and elasticity our skin needs to resist stressors. Both layers are vital in understanding and treating nearly all skin conditions and concerns.

The epidermis is what skin therapist typically address in their practice, as well as what many clients feel the most need to address aesthetically, whether it is for superficial skin concerns to more specific skin conditions such as acne or melasma. In order to affect change in the dermis skincare products must be able to reach the dermis for clients to achieve the desired results and overall health of the skin. Product selection is key and is why it is important to purchase from professionals (not drug stores or department stores) in order to ensure that they are professional and pharmaceutical grade as well as clinically tested for effectiveness. At Theory Aesthetics we select products that have been developed and tested by physicians.   


There are a host of factors, which contributes to the external appearance of the skin, such as environmental changes, UVA and UVB rays from the sun, environmental pollutants as well as mild to extreme weather changes. As for internal factors that affect our skin can be linked to diet and hydration, hormones and genetic predispositions. So in order to address any and all skin concerns requires a multifaceted approach to overall skin health.


  • Sun
  • Pollution
  • Weather
  • Diet
  • Hydration
  • Hormones
  • Genetic Predispositions