Men's Skin Health - The Ultimate Dad's Guide To A Minimalist Skincare Regimen ◮◍

Men are the simplest creatures out there - so they say! If it isn't coming from a relationship standpoint then yes they are simple beings that are pretty easy to understand and require less then their female counterparts for the most part. For most men, skincare is the last on their priority list. However, as they start to age they too are starting to think more and more about skin health and age preservation. We have compiled a short list of must-haves for the most minimalist of guys. And in light of Fathers Day 2018 approaching, we know that a minimalistic skincare regimen is a must-have for the modern busy Dad. The products must be no-nonsense, age-defying with minimal effort ◮◍  

1. Cleansers - This is the most important product as this helps to cleanse the skin while being condition specific if directed to the right product. For example, aging skin would benefit from the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser as it contains Glycolic which is an AHA and resurfacer as well as Retinol. Retinol is a key component in any anti-aging regimen however some guys would rather have it bundled into another product instead of in a night cream which it is often found in.

2. Exfoliation - A good exfoliator is also ideal as it helps with skin buildup and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to resurface. This option can be optional if your cleanser happens to have either an AHA or BHA. 

3. SPF - SPF is king. This is imperative for everyone. The best approach would be to purchase a moisturizer with SPF such as Prevention+ Daily Moisturizer SPF which contains Zinc and helps to protect from UVA and UVB. 

So the takeaway is that you don't need so many products to keep your skin healthy. Especially if you are more of a less is more kind of guy 😘 So if your skincare routine and lifestyle habits are not in alignment and If you are overwhelmed with the options out there don't be! You don't need so many products. They just have to work with your lifestyle and also be condition specific. We love multifunctional products + minimal effort 👌 If you are in need of a new approach book a free consultation today 😘 

If you or your Dad are interested in a new skincare regimen contact us at 404-496-4091 or email us at We also encourage you to book a skin consultation whether over the phone, virtually or in-clinic. We love to talk skin. We also invite you to visit us at Follow us on our Instagram page and our Facebook page for latest Theory Aesthetics updates, current and new service offerings and promotions. 

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