Vivace | The Triple Threat To Aging Skin △

Vivace is the newest generation of micro-needling devices, which incorporates both radio frequency and LED Light build into the devices hand piece. This astonishing aesthetic device improves on the older micro-needling pens by including this triple threat component.

Reasons we love Vivace:

1.    Comfortable for both client and practitioner

2.    FDA Approved

3.    Includes the Micro-needles, Radio Frequency + LED Light for that triple threat △

4.    Stimulates the bodies own defenses to fight progressive aging

5.    Great for deep set wrinkles and sagging skin as it builds collagen while tightening the skin

6.    Three Treatments are the max needed to see results

7.    Treatment is 45 min max and post care last 6 hours tops!

8.    Perfect for both men + women and safe for all skin types!

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