Vitamin C, Peptides + Growth Factors - The Trifecta ▲ Put Some Pep In Your Skincare Game 💋 Part 2.

Peptides are tiny molecules in your body that biologically send messages and signals for it to carry out a specific function. When we focus on our skin's response to a peptide then we can think of them as, in essence, our tiny army of anti-aging messengers. Since peptides are naturally produced and functions can vary based on the specific amino acid bond or pattern, skin science has come a long way in targeting specific responses that can be elicited by using these peptides in our products.

With peptides, we can elicit many responses that can treat a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Whether your skin is in the process of losing collagen, peptides are there to alert the skin to work at replacing the lost collagen. If your skin isn't in the natural process of losing collagen, then peptide enhanced skincare can actually help to trick the skin to produce more. Thus keeping you youthful.

Image Skincare is one line that offers peptide enhanced products in all of their collections. We were able to count roughly 18+ products that included peptides and they were specifically crafted for a specific condition and concern which coincided with the line. For example, the Iluma collection which is geared for hyperpigmentation has The Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Crème which includes a complex peptide that specifically targets these issues and "serves to increase the production of collagen in the skin, maximize the elasticity of the skin, and minimize wrinkles and fine lines. A trademarked complex diminishes puffiness underneath the eyes, and it combats inflammation. Some of the ingredients reduce the dark circles that form under the eyes, and other ingredients protect the skin at a cellular level."

So to sum it all up, your skincare selection should be specific to your skin condition and concerns as science has afforded us the ability to target issues using peptides. These issues can range from collagen and elastin regeneration, increased production of hyaluronic acid, wrinkle reduction and depth, pigmentation issues and dark circles as well as to even replicate the effects of Botox to help with facial wrinkles.

By targeting your own personal skin conditions and skin concerns you can figure out what peptide enhanced skin care products to purchase. Since peptides are very tiny and can penetrate into the epidermis quickly you will most likely see peptides in serums, eye creams, daily moisturizers as well as nightly repair crèmes such as the Ormedic Balancing Bio-Peptide Crème. 

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Put Some Pep In Your Skincare Game 💋


"Peptides Are Our Bodies Tiny Army Of Anti-aging Messengers"