About Us

Driven by her passion for skin health, Saira Bakhsh founded Theory Aesthetics in 2017. Saira has been in the beauty and skincare industry since the age of seventeen. While on a trip to India in 2005 the concept of Theory Aesthetics was considered. Saira found herself giving skincare advice to a lot of family and friends suffering from various skin issues. She found her knowledge beneficial and with her desire to help others find solutions for their specific skin conditions and concerns, inspired her to become an aesthetician. Saira graduated from The International School of Skincare in 2007 and worked with various skincare and beauty companies while attending school. Saira pursued her career as a Medical Aesthetician and Cosmetic Laser Practitioner, working at well-known Med-Spas in Atlanta and Toronto while earning her bachelor’s degree. Saira completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from York University and is now in the process of pursuing her nursing degree.

In 2017, Saira decided to take the leap and launched Theory Aesthetics after her second trip to India, which prompted her to reminisce on her skincare passion. Saira decided she wanted nothing more than to treat clients and help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Saira’s mission is to educate about aesthetic treatments as a long-term commitment and believes that balancing treatment plans with home care is the key to success. What is unique about Theory Aesthetics is its vibe, its accessibility to all age groups and genders and its concentration on current advanced technology in the aesthetics and skincare industry. Saira is a strong believer that not one treatment plan will work for everyone and is focused on individual plans for success. She also encourages a minimalistic approach to skin health and feels that sometimes less is definitely more. 

Saira’s passion, aside from treating her clients, is everything aesthetics and skincare. She loves to test products and to explore the best treatments available. She actively blogs to share her knowledge and to engage with her clients. Saira’s vision for Theory Aesthetics requires strong aesthetic expertise and a learners mindset as the aesthetics and skincare industry is ever evolving. Luckily Theory Aesthetics is very fortunate to have amazing support from affiliations, partnerships and the Theory Aesthetics team.